Curriculum Vitae

Name:                                    Marleen Klann

Date and place of birth:           30.01.1983, Berlin-Kaulsdorf

Nationality:                             german

Academic education:               1995 – 2002 secondary school: Gymnasium am Elsengrund, Berlin-Mahlsdorf
                                              mark (in total): 2,2

Professional education:           2002 – 2005 training as biological lab-assistant at Max-Delbrück-Centrum für                                               Molekulare Medizin in Berlin Buch
                                              mark (in total): very good (92 points out of 100)

Studies:                                  2005 – 2008 Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin obtained degree: Bachelor of                                                Science mark (in total):1,3
                                               bachelor-thesis: 1,0 copepod neurogenesis

                                              2008 – 2010 Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
                                               Master studies on organismic biology and evolution obtained degree:                                                Master of Science
                                               mark (in total): 1,1
                                               master-thesis: 1,0 early embryonic development of fresh-water shrimps

Others:                                   03.09.2006 – 17.09.2006
                                               Cyprus: monitoring and conservation project for marine turtles

                                              13.09.2007 – 23.09.2007
                                               Elba, Italy: marine zoology course (including diving trips for observation                                                and collection of marine animals)

Publications:                            Hoffmann J., Klann M. & Matz F. (2009) Recent thecideide brachiopods from                                                the northern Great Barrier Reef,Australia (SW Pacific Ocean).                                                                 Zoosystematics and Evolution 85 (2): 341-349

Poster presentations:               Klann M., Ungerer P., Wolff C. & Scholtz G. (2008) Development of the                                                nervous system in Copepoda (Crustacea,Maxillopoda). 1st International                                                Conference on Invertebrate Morphology, Copenhagen

                                               Klann M., Ungerer P., Wolff C. & Scholtz G. (2008) Development of the                                                nervous system in Copepoda (Crustacea,Maxillopoda). Advances in                                                Crustacean Phylogenetics, Rostock