Curriculum vitae: Angelika Stollewerk


Since  2009
Reader in Evolutionary Developmental Biology at the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary College, University of London
Senior Lecturer in Cell Biology/Neurobiology at the School of Biological and Chemical
Sciences, Queen Mary College, University of London
Heisenberg Fellow at the Department of Genetics, University of Mainz (Prof.  Technau)
Heisenberg Fellow at the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge (Prof. Simpson)
June 2003
Habilitation in Genetics
PI at the Institute for Genetics, University of Cologne
Postdoc with Prof. D. Tautz at the Institute of Genetics, University of Cologne    
Postdoc with Prof. J.A. Campos-Ortega at the Department of Developmental Biology, University of Cologne
PhD with Prof. C. Klämbt: “Neuron-glia interactions during formation of the  axonal pattern in the embryonic CNS of Drosophila melanogaster.”
Maternity leave
Diploma Thesis with Prof. I. Mueller: “Developmental constraints in evolution.”
Biology Degree (Developmental Biology, Genetics), University of Cologne

Invitations to International Conferences:

9th European Symposium on Drosophila Neurobiology, Lyon, France, 21-25.9. 2002, Plenary Session.

Developmental Biology Annual Symposium and Genetics, Warwick, UK, 14-16.03.2004
Plenary Session.

Annual meeting of the Zoological Society of Japan, Kobe, Japan, 8-10.09.2004, keynote speaker.

Annual Meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB), San Diego, California, USA, 4.-8.01.2005, Symposium.

Development and Phyologeny of Arthropods, Muséum National d´Histoire Naturelle (MNHN), Paris, France, 23-24.09.2005, Plenary Session.

Workshop on evolutionary developmental biology, Venice, Italy, 05.-06.05.2006, Plenary Session.

6th annual Meeting in Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology, University of Mainz, 08.12.2006, Plenary Session.

European Zoonet Symposium „Perspectives on the Evolution of Animal Form“, Budapest, Hungary, 05.-07.11.2008, Plenary Session.

Conference of the European Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology, Paris, 6.-9.07.2010, Symposium.

British Society of Developmental Biology “Development of the Senses”, Oxford, 7.-9.09.2010, Plenary Session.

EMBO workshop ‘Frontiers in sensory development’, Barcelona, 3.-6.05.2011, Plenary Session.

2nd International Congress on Invertebrate Morphology, Symposium ‘Arthropod Controversies’, Harvard, Cambridge, USA, 19.-23.06.2011, Keynote speaker.

8th Conference of the Systematics Association, Symposium ‚Arthropod Systematics: are morphology, palaeontology and molecules coming together?‘, Belfast, Ireland, 4.-8.07.2011, Plenary Session.

1st Evo-Devo conference at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel, 1.-2.04.2012, Plenary Session.

1st International SpiderWeb meeting, Oxford, UK, 23-24.02.2013, Plenary Session

13th ICIRD-2013,
Invertebrate Reproduction and Development
in the Age of Systems Biology and Stem Cell Research,
Wayne State University, Detroit, USA, 14-19.07.2013, Symposium



Walther-Arndt-Award of the German Society for Zoology for research on embryonic neurogenesis and phylogeny of arthropods (5000 €; October 2005)

Professional Memberships:

British Society for Developmental Biology
German Society for Developmental Biology
German Society for Zoology
European Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology
Daphnia Genome Consortium
Academia-Net (portal to excellent female academics)

Services as Referee and Editor:

Reviews for Research Councils:
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)
German Research Foundation
German Israeli Foundation
Vienna Science and Technology Fund
Foundation for Polish Science

Reviews for Journals
Developmental Biology
Development Genes and Evolution
Comparative and Functional Genomics
Cell and Tissue Research
Journal of Cell Biology
Journal of Comparative Neurology
Journal of Morphology
Journal of Experimental Zoology
Proceedings of the Royal Society B
Arthropod Structure & Development
Frontiers in Zoology

Guest Editor: Arthropod Structure and Development, Special Issue: ‘Evolution of patterning mechanisms’ (2010)

Member of the Advisory board of Arthropod, Structure & Development (since 2010)

Editor: Frontiers in Zoology (since 2012)

Service as Conference Organizer
Conference of the European Society of Evolutionary Developmental Biology, Symposium “Epigenetic mechanisms in Development and Evolution”, Paris, July 2010.